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Muslimahs Endure is dedicated to providing an environment where Muslimahs  and their families feel comfortable and safe pursuing an active lifestyle without compromise. Our non-profit organization centered around activities that encourage both youth and adults, to start and continue an active lifestyle regardless of ability or fitness level.


Get ready to embark on a transformative journey with our “Move for ME” Challenge! The goal is simple yet powerful: move for at least 15 minutes every day, aiming to achieve at least 150 minutes per week. Every step, stretch, or workout counts – it’s all about embracing the joy of movement!

How It Works:

The challenge runs January 1, 2024 – November 30, 2024

Goal: Reach at least 150 minutes of movement each week.

Time Commitment: Dedicate a minimum of 15 minutes daily to intentional movement.

Why Join:

Health Boost: Enhance your well-being through consistent daily movement.

Flexibility: Any form of movement counts – walking, jogging, dancing, or a quick home workout.

Track Progress: Utilize Challenge Hound to monitor your achievements.


Activities That Qualify

Engage in intentional movement for a minimum of 15 minutes to enhance your overall health and well-being. The challenge welcomes a diverse range of activities, including but not limited to:

~Run, ~Trail Run, ~Walk, ~Hike, ~Ride, ~Mtn Bike Ride, ~Virtual Ride, ~E-Bike Ride, ~Row, ~Kayak, ~Canoe, ~Elliptical, ~Inline Skate, ~Swim, ~Skateboard, ~Alpine Ski, ~Backcountry Ski, ~Snowboard, ~Ice Skate, ~Nordic Ski, ~Roller Ski, ~Wheelchair, ~Handcycle, ~Stand Up Paddle, ~Golf, ~Workout, ~Snowshoe, ~Kitesurf, ~Tai Chi, ~Rock Climbing, ~Pilates, ~Tennis, ~Meditate, ~Stretch, ~Yoga, ~Weight Training, ~Football

Feel free to explore activities beyond this list!  

For your convenience, CLICK HERE for compatible devices for tracking your movement. If entering activities manually, kindly input each activity separately, accompanied by an associated Activity Name to accurately depict what you did. Please refrain from combining workouts that did not occur simultaneously. Suspicious entries will be investigated for clarification and may be flagged for removal.

Activities not eligible and will be flagged for removal:

  1. Daily Step Count
  2. Combined workouts that did not occur simultaneously
  3. Short, intermittent exercises (e.g., jumping jacks, push-ups) not performed continuously for a sustained period of at least 15 mintues.
  4. Routine household activities (e.g., cleaning, cooking) unless performed at an elevated intensity.
  5. Commuting activities such as walking to the car or bus stop unless done continuously for a sustained period of at least 15 minutes.
  6. Standing or light movement without additional intentional exercise.
  7. Repetitive, identical entries without variation or progression.
  8. Unclear or insufficient “Activity Name” entries that lack specific details about the performed activity.
  9. The activity described does not align with the specified duration

This challenge is based on the honor system and these guidelines ensure that the MOVE for ME Challenge focuses on intentional, sustained movement to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

 Let’s move intentionally, achieve our fitness goals, and make these 11 months transformative for our well-being!

How to Join

To participate in the Move for ME Challenge you must be a Muslimahs Endure member  If you are not yet a member CLICK HERE to join.

From the member portal:

  • Join challenge on Challenge Hound (Use password found in ME Member Portal)
  • Connect app to track your daily movement effortlessly (Connect only ONE app)
    • Apple Health
    • Garmin
    • Fitbit
    • Under Armour
    • Coros
    • Strava
  • Move Daily: Engage in at least 15 minutes of intentional movement

      Dive into the excitement of the Move for ME challenge and stand a chance to claim victory! Our grand prize awaits the top three overall participants who accumulate the most minutes moved over the thrilling 11-month journey. It’s a race to the finish for the ultimate honor!

      But that’s not all—every member who conquers their monthly goals will bask in the glory of individual recognition. Whether you hit Level 1, Level 2, or conquer the heights of Level 3, your achievements will be celebrated each month. It’s essential to recognize that the ultimate triumph is personal progress and our joint commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Here, every participant emerges as a champion by surpassing the goal of moving at least 150 minutes weekly. Each time you meet one of the levels, earn points that can be redeemed in the ME shop for exclusive gear and gifts from our sponsors and discounts on ME hosted events.

      • Level 1: 600 – 999 minutes per month 
        • 600 points
      • Level 2: 1000 – 1499 minutes per month
        • 1000 points 
      • Level 3: 1500 minutes or more per month
        • 1500 points 

      Your earned points not only reflect your dedication to the challenge but also translate into tangible benefits, offering you exciting discounts and rewards as you progress on your wellness journey. Keep moving, keep earning, and enjoy the perks of a healthier, happier lifestyle!

      Point Redemption Scale:

      • 2,500 points: $10 discount
      • 6,000 points: $20 discount
      • 9,500 points: $30 discount
      • 13,000 points: $40 discount
      • 16,500 points: $50 discount

        How to Redeem Points: 

        To redeem your hard-earned points, simply follow these easy steps:

        1. Accumulate Points: Continue engaging and participating to accumulate points in your account. Each month points total will be announced.
        2. Visit the Redemption Form: When you’re ready to redeem your points, visit our Points Redemption Form located in the Member Portal
        3. Complete the Form: Fill out the required details in the form when you have accumulated enough points.
        4. Receive Your Promo Code: Once your submission is verified, you’ll receive a unique promo code via email. This code can be used at the ME Shop or towards any ME-hosted event.
        5. Shop or Attend: Use your exclusive promo code during checkout at the ME Shop or when registering for an ME-hosted event to enjoy the perks of your accumulated points!

        Redeem points at anytime. After you have redeemed your points your account will be updated with the balance.

        And for those who consistently embrace the challenge, moving daily with dedication, a special reward awaits. We’re recognizing not just the distance covered but the commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Join us in this movement, where every step brings you closer to victory!


        Challenge Wellness Guide

        Enhance Your Journey with the Move for ME Challenge Wellness Guide!

        As you embark on your Move for ME Challenge, we’re thrilled to present the Move for ME Wellness Guide as a way to support you on your fitness journey, assist with your hydration goals, and contribute to your overall well-being.

        1. Customized Water Bottle: Stay hydrated in style with our exclusive Move for ME water bottle! The bottle is not just a vessel for water; it’s a constant reminder of your commitment to a healthier lifestyle. The water bottle features built-in goal suggestions aligned with the spirit of the Move for ME Challenge.
        2. Digital Download: A virtual companion on the Move for ME Challenge journey. It’s your personal roadmap to success! A place to set your goals, get goal suggestion and follow the monthly health focus.
        3. Health-Boosting Suggestions: Acquire  health-boosting suggestions that complement your active lifestyle. From nutritious snack suggestions to mini workout guides, each month brings new additions to support your well-being journey.
        4. Monthly Health Focus: Each month, we’ll shine a spotlight on a specific area of health, providing you with insights, tips, and suggestions to nurture your mind, body, and spirit. This is not a rigid plan but a gentle guide, encouraging you to explore and embrace different aspects of well-being at your own pace.

          Members will receive email notifications regarding all the items outlined in the wellness guide.


          Explore our dynamic leaderboard to witness the incredible achievements of participants in the Move for ME challenge! Click on the link below to track progress, celebrate milestones, and be inspired by the dedication of those committed to moving towards healthier and more active lifestyles. Join the movement and see who’s leading the way!

          Leaderboard Link:

          Connect with others, share your journey, and offer encouragement on the community feed: Challenge Feed

          Monthly Theme Calendar

          Challenge Begins: January 1st 2024

          Challenge Ends: November 3oth 2024

          Month 1: Establishing Foundations (January)

          • Fitness Focus: Establish a fitness goal that requires consistent weekly effort for achievement.
          • Nutritional Goal: Prioritize whole foods, increase water intake, and ensure our bodies receive essential vitamins.
          • Mental Well-Being: Start a daily mindfulness or meditation practice.

          Month 2: Strength and Conditioning (February)

          • Fitness Focus: Add strength training to your routine.
          • Nutritional Goal: Increase protein intake for muscle recovery.
          • Mental Well-Being: Celebrate small victories.

          Month 3: Ramadan Vitality (March)

          • Fitness Focus: Emphasize low-intensity exercises like walking or gentle yoga during non-fasting hours.
          • Nutritional Goal: Prioritize nourishing foods for suhoor (pre-dawn meal) and iftar (meal after sunset), including complex carbs and lean proteins.
          • Mental Well-Being: Integrate Quranic reflections and moments of gratitude to enhance spiritual and mental well-being during the fasting month.

          Month 4: Cardiovascular Health (April)

          • Fitness Focus: Incorporate cardiovascular exercises (running, cycling, swimming). Participate in the 5k with ME.
          • Nutritional Goal: Reduce processed sugar and focus on heart-healthy foods.
          • Mental Well-Being: Explore stress-reduction techniques.

            Month 5: Flexibility and Mobility (May)

            • Fitness Focus: Introduce flexibility and mobliity exercises like stretching or Pilates.
            • Nutritional Goal: Include anti-inflammatory foods in your diet.
            • Mental Well-Being: Practice gratitude and positive affirmations.

            Month 6: Sleep and Recovery (June)

            • Fitness Focus: Incorporate restorative practices
            • Nutritional Goal: Develop a bedtime routine and consider sleep-friendly foods.
            • Mental Well-Being: Prioritize quality sleep for overall well-being.

                Month 7: Nutrition and Diet (July)

                • Fitness Focus: Maintain a balanced workout routine.
                • Nutritional Goal: Fuel Your Workouts with Proper Nutrition.
                • Mental Well-Being: Educate yourself on the impact of nutrition on mental health.

                Month 8: Social Connection (August)

                • Fitness Focus: Engage in group workouts or team sports. Celebrate 10 years with ME at the 10 year Anniversary Event.
                • Nutritional Goal: Share healthy meals with friends and family.
                • Mental Well-Being: Nurture relationships and foster social connections.

                Month 9: Mind-Body Connection (September)

                • Fitness Focus: Dive into activities like Tai Chi or Qi Gong.
                • Nutritional Goal: Explore mindful eating practices.
                • Mental Well-Being: Focus on the mind-body connection through meditation.

                Month 10: Fall Into Fitness (October)

                • Fitness Focus: Embrace autumn-themed workouts, like hiking through fall foliage or seasonal outdoor activities.
                • Nutritional Goal: Incorporate seasonal fruits and vegetables into your meals.
                • Mental Well-Being: Practice mindfulness amid the changing seasons.

                Month 11: FitFam Wellness (November)

                • Fitness Focus: Engage in family-friendly workouts that promote overall well-being.
                • Nutritional Goal: Share and enjoy healthy meals with your family.
                • Mental Well-Being: Practice gratitude as a family, expressing thanks for the moments of togetherness and health.

                  Month 12: Reflection and Celebration (December)

                  • Fitness Focus: Reflect on your fitness journey and set new goals.
                  • Nutritional Goal: Enjoy a well-balanced diet to celebrate achievements.
                  • Mental Well-Being: Acknowledge progress and plan for continued well-being.

                  Remember to consult with healthcare professionals before making significant changes to your fitness or nutritional routines. Adjust the plan based on your individual needs and preferences. This 12-month plan aims to provide a holistic approach to well-being, focusing on different aspects of health and fitness each month.




                  Can I register at any time?

                  Yes, you can register for the Move for ME challenge at any time! Additionally, when you sync your tracking device, all your previous activities  will be included, ensuring every effort contributes to your journey toward a healthier you. Join us whenever you’re ready to take on the challenge!

                  Do I have to be a ME member to participate?
                  Yes, you do need to be a Muslimahs Endure (ME) member to participate in the Move for ME challenge. Don’t worry, we offer a basic membership that is free of charge. However, we encourage participants to become sustainer members, as it contributes to the sustainability of Muslimahs Endure, allowing us to make a lasting social impact. Join us and be a part of the movement.
                  How do I obtain the code to join?
                  Login into the Member Portal and navigate to “Move for ME Challenge” and password is listed there.
                  When can I redeem my points?
                  You can redeem your points at any time during the MOVE for ME challenge. Whenever you feel ready to enjoy the benefits and rewards you’ve accumulated, the redemption option is available to you. Simply follow the provided guidelines and initiate your redemption process. 
                  Do my points have expiration date?
                  Yes, please note that points must be redeemed by December 31st of the current year. Make sure to take advantage of your accumulated points before the expiration date to enjoy the rewards and benefits offered in the MOVE for ME program.

                  Jada Kimber

                  Challenge Coordinator

                  Questions about move for me challenge? Email Jada Kimber at

                  Empower Your Journey: Move for ME Goal Setting

                  Fuel your progress in the Move for ME challenge by strategically setting and achieving personal goals. Whether you’re striving for more daily steps, extended workout durations, or specific fitness milestones, these goals will not only elevate your well-being but also propel our collective success in the challenge. Unleash the power of your goals and let them be the driving force behind your success in the Move for ME challenge.

                  Explore our curated list of goals for inspiration or create your own personalized targets that align with your fitness journey. These suggested goals are here to support and guide you, but feel free to embrace the flexibility to tailor them to your unique preferences and aspirations. Adopt, adapt, or create – the choice is yours!

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