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Sister Helping Sisters

Muslimahs Endure is dedicated to providing an environment where Muslimahs feel comfortable and safe pursuing an active lifestyle without compromise. Our non-profit organization centered around activities that encourage Muslimahs, both youth and adults, to start and continue an active lifestyle regardless of ability or fitness level.

Join the Sisterhood

Your membership helps us to continue to empower women and their families to lead healthy and active lifestyles. Together we can build strong, healthy, and active communities.

*Women Only Access

**Shirt will be available after 3 full months of membership or immediately with annual membership

Member Benefits

Weekly Meetups

Weekly endurance meetups for walking, running, and cycling lead by our Musa’idahs(supporters, aide, helpers). Find a weekly meetup near you or consider becoming a Musa’idah.

Access Member Portal

Access Muslimahs Endure membership account information and transaction history such donations, event registrations, memberships, store purchases. 

Access ME Programs

ME offers varous programs to help build strong, health, and active communities. Access to these program reguires ME membership. Select that fit your budget and reflects the impact that ME has made in your life.

Access to Woliba Fitness App & Wellness Challenges

ME has teamed up with Woliba to offer you a guide to Work Life Balance. Using this robust fitness app you will have access to wellness challenges, live & on-demand events, fitness tracker, leaderboard, wellness knowledge, and social feed to connect with your sisters, and much more. AND earn points for it all! 

Eligible to be a Musa'idah

Musa’idah are our supporter, aides, and helpers. They are the backbone of our organization. Musa’idahs are a dedicated volunteers that lead our weekly meetups. The more you support your community the higher your Musa’idah level. Interested in becoming a Musa’idah? Complete a Musa’idah Interest Form.

Discounts on Events/Program/Gear

Earn discounts on all ME hosted events, programs, and gear. Your discount amount depends on your membership. Must be logged into your membership portal to redeem.  

ME Merchandise

Represent ME with your one time branded ME gift. 

  • Sustaniner Member receives an ME water bottle
  • Legacy Member receives a purple ME Legacy Shirt
Eligible for Gratitude Awards

At the end of the year, Gratitude Award awards are giving to acknowledge members in certain categories:

Miles Beast

The member with most miles for the year

Solid Stepper

The member with the most steps for the year

Busy Bee

The member who burns the most calories

Mindful Mover

The member who earns the most fitness points

Social Butterfly

The member who earns the most social points

Power of One

The member who received the most peer recognition

Wellness Seeker

The member who earns the most wellness points


Woman of Wellness The member who earns the most total point overall

Positivity Queen

The member who gave the most peer recognition

Culture Champion

The member who most exemplifies ME Guiding Principles as recognized by peers

Ever Enduring

The member who participated in the most challenges and ME events.

Member of the Year

The member who embodies Muslimahs Endure

Sisters helping sisters lead a healthy and active lifestyle