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Peachtree Road Race and Picnic

Piedmont Park 1320 Monroe Dr NE, Atlanta,

Muslim Running Community United Event. Join Muslimahs Endure, Rijaal Runners, and Atlanta Muslim Running Club for our July 4th tradition of running the Peachtree Road…

Ramblin’ Rose Women’s Triathlon Tour

Salem College 601 S. Church St, Winston-Salem, NC

Are you ready for a new challenge? Want to take on this new challenge with your sisters? Consider participating in a multisport event. Ramblin’ Rose…

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ME is all about consistent MOVEment. Track your workouts throughout the year to earn a beautiful ME medal.

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June Jump Rope Challenge

It is time to Jump!!! Jumping rope can be a full body workout and its FUN! So lets put in that work ladies! So for our June Challenge, for 20 days we will be doing 15 minute jump rope workouts. Everyone jump rope workout will look different. Workouts should be continuous for 15 min, can include breaks throughout, or mix it up with some strength exercise. Like always our challenges are about establishing consistent habits. #smallthingsdoneconsistently

How does it work?

  1. Become an official ME member by selecting one of our membership levels.
  2. RSVP below for this event.
  3. Follow the instruction received in email to join the challenge on Challenge Hound
  4. Once the challenge starts on June 11, 2022, complete a minimum of 15 minute Jump Rope “workout” each day for the duration of the 20 day challenge with a recovery day every 3-4 days. Recovery days can simply be taking a rest, or doing a stretch routine, yoga, mobility exercises, Epsom soak, massage, foam roll, etc

How to log activities?

  1.  All activities are logged  into Challenge Hound
  2. You can connect an App listed on the Apps page and activities will be automatically synced to Challenge Hound. Challenge Hound currently supports Garmin, Under Armour (Map My Run, Map My Walk, Map My Hike, Map My Ride, etc), Fitbit, Coros, and Strava.
  3. On your respective device choose the following activity type:
    1. Garmin: Select”other” activity type
    2. Fitbit: Select workout activity type
    3. Under Armour apps: Select either gym workout, machine workout, class workout
    4. Strava: Select “workout” activity type.

If you connect an app, Challenge Hound will automatically sync applicable activities, so there is no need to manually enter. If you do not have a connected device you can manually enter your workout. Whether you manually enter or use an App, you’ll receive an email notification with your challenge status after each activity you log. You can visit Challenge Hound to view your personal challenge dashboard, as well as full challenge leader boards and charts.

How to win?

  1. Be a registered ME member
  2. Complete 15 min jump rope workout daily
  3. Take a recovery day every 3-4 days.
  4. Complete 3.75 hours within 20 days with the most consistent jump workout days. i.e A person that completes 3.75 in 15 days will be considered above someone that completes 3.75 in 5 days. It is about establishing a consistent habit of MOVEment daily.
  5. Workouts should be continuous for 15 min, can include breaks throughout, or mix it up with some strength exercise
  6. Top 3 finishers are randomly selected if multiple finishers


  1. Comprehensive Nutrition coaching package
  2. Welcome Wellness Self-care Gift Box
  3. $25 Gift Card