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Muslimahs Endure is dedicated to providing an environment where Muslimahs feel comfortable and safe pursuing an active lifestyle without compromise. Our non-profit organization centered around endurance sports- running, walking, swimming, and cycling- that encourage Muslimahs, both youth and adults, to start and continue an active lifestyle regardless of ability or fitness level. 

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Our Run, Walk, and Cycle Programs are designed to build a supportive sisterhood that inspire and motivate lifestyle change. Endurance sports are at the core of all our activities and is supported by other fitness areas such strengthen training, mobility exercises, and nutritional guidance.

We are intentional about building our sisterhood in our online community that can be acessed through the desktop or app

COST: $55 per year

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December  2020
December Gratitutde Challenge

Info coming soon.


November  2020
November Jump Rope Challenge

Open to All

Our beleved childhood activity, jumping rope, actually have many benefits for us as adults. The benefits of jumping rope include burning calories, better coordination, stronger bones, a lower injury risk, and improved heart health.

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Thank you to our November Challenge Sponsor: Sinewy Organics



SEPTEMBER/October  2020
40 miles in 40 Days Challenge

Open to All

Six years ago, the first group race that ME participated in was the Mohammed Schools Road Race for Education. This year we will be participating in their virtual edition: 40 miles in 40 days challenge.

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August 2020
August Mobility Challenge

ME Member Only

From your brain to your joints, moving every day has the power to improve every part of your body. And its not just about high-impact, sweat-inducing exercise, either. Its simple  whether you choose to implement small movements, increasing your daily mobility can help upgrade your overall health.

Thank you to our August Challenge Sponsor: The Raqeeb Natural Beauty Store


July 2020
July Crunch Challenge

ME Members Only

Runners/walkers need a strong core to sustain their mileage. This challenge builds progressively and gives a break every three days. Remember to listen to your body and set personal realistic goals.

Thank you to our July Health Challenge Sponsor: JAS

 The top crunch pros receives the following from the sponsor:

  • First Place – Signature Bodycream & Sample Box
  • Second Place – Signature Body Polish & Sample Box
  • Thrid Place – Sample Box
June 2020
June Step Challenge

ME Members Only

Inshallah, it is time to step it out ladies. This month is all about moving more than we have in the past. If you find yourself sitting, challenge yourself to move every hour.

Thank you to our June Health Challenge Sponsor: The Omega Experience.

The top high steppers receives the following from the sponsor:

  • First Place – Massage
  • Second Place – Neck Pillow Massager
  • Third Place – Relaxation Kit
March 2020
March Nutrtion Challenge

ME Members Only

What we consume plays a huge part in improving our overall health. Set up your nutrition plan within the ME App and track your food intake. Stick to your plan see your nutrition score improve . Who will have the highest score?

Feburary 2020
February Plank Challenge

ME Member Only

 Let’s continue to get strong sisters!! Who will plank out a win? Remember you also have to complete each assigned workout daily.

January 2020
January Squat Challenge

ME Members Only

Runners and walkers need more than just miles, they need strong legs! Let’s get strong sisters!! Who will squat out a win? Remember you also have to complete each assigned workout daily.


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